Tatsumaki guarantees all its range hoods are built to the highest quality of standards. We offer a hassle-free warranty program which we are committed to provide 2 year warranty on parts and labor. For bay area customers, we are thrived to provide the most satisfactory customer service experience. Our company has implemented a 2-day guarantee response policy. Whether it is a weekend or holiday, our customer relation team will reach out to your service call and provide the best service to your satisfaction. We want our customer to enjoy using our range hoods with ease of mind.


It stands for cubic feet per minute, measuring how much air is moving in a room per minute.

This is a self-cleaning function that will clean the motor and oil tube with push of one button in 38 seconds.

6 inch.

All Tatsumaki range hoods are ETL approved.

Noise level depends on many such as size of the duct, duct is not secured, and improper install of dampers.

We recommend the minimum distance to be 24” and the maximum distance to be 30”. We also recommend to check local building codes and regulatory agency.

Halogen bulb can be removed by turning clockwise. The bulbs can be purchased at any local hardware stores. Caution, please do not touch the lamps while it is hot.

Like Auto Clean, steam clean is a self-cleaning function that will clean the motor and oil tube to remove internal grease. Instead of cleaning with water, this most innovative technology turns water into hot steam effectively melting the solid grease in the motor and fan blades.

We provide 2 year warranty on parts. For bay area customers, we extend our warranty policy to 2 year warranty on parts and labor. We want our customers to feel secure with our products. All other appliances only offer 1 year warranty on parts.

Our range hoods can be purchased from our authorized retailers. Please reach out to our customer service for details.

1.Determine the mounting style – under cabinet, wall mount, or island. 2.Measure the width cabinet space. We offer range sizes in 30” or 36”. 3.For chimney range hoods, measure the ceiling heights to determine the need for extension.